Monday, March 02, 2009

Encontré este artículo en NewsWeek que me parece super interesante, porque muestra una perspectiva de las empresas que en estos claros tiempos de crísis son las más estables, e incluso las que crecen.

Me da la idea de que estos pueden ser sectores a los que es interesante enfocar la estrategia de venta, por ejemplo:  Verizon (y extrapolándolo a otros mercados: los Telcos)

Verizon is not growing as fast as it was a year ago. Cellular sales are not quite as good due to market saturation and the economy. But, the use of wireless devices for sending items like data and video over wireless networks is improving margins in the company's cellular operations. Verizon has also made a major gamble that it can take home broadband and television services away from the cable companies. It will need to continue to market, service, and build the infrastructure out for that to get a return on its multi-billion capital investment. Verizon removed a very small number of people who serviced its Circuit City locations when the retailer folded. The one business that Verizon has been struggling with is its wireline to the home business—the traditional phone. The company has already cut 2,700 people to keep costs in that operation down. Its plan to market inexpensive home service should help attrition in that part of its business and help to preserve jobs.

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