Sunday, January 25, 2009

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Buena película... graciosa, y me parece una muy buena sátira sobre todos los libros que hablan de dejar atrás el pasado...

En lo personal coincido con una de las frases finales en las que dice:  el pasado no hay que dejarlo atrás, aunque sea de forma sui generis, ese pasado me ha hecho ser lo que soy ahora...  el pasado debo asimilarlo

John Farley: You have a father? 
Mr. Woodcock: Of course I have a father, Farley, I'm not Jesus.

Mr. Woodcock: I don't do 'Sorry'. 
John Farley: What? 
Mr. Woodcock: Sorry is for criminals and screw-ups... and I'm neither one


Letting go of the past doesn't really make you a better person instead, you embrace your past so that it won't really bother you no matter what happen in your present. Which is really true, do no just let go, you also have to accept it, once you reached that period, moving on is just easy.


Give me a real bottle.  I'm an  alcoholic, not a doll

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