Monday, August 11, 2008

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Esta respuesta salio en de Amazon.... me pareció super interesante

'Smart' doesn't equal 'academic,' despite what some people would have
you believe ...

Oh dear. It's so common in our society for people to confuse the word
'smart' with the word 'academic,' and that's by no means the case.
There are many ways in which people can achieve their own personal
potential - for example, some people excel in understanding other
people; some people have brilliant mechanical imagination; some excel
in understanding animals, or plants; some have that ability to grasp
pattern and logic that makes them brilliant at computing ... but we
reserve the 'glittering prizes' to those whose gifts are intellectual.
But there's a long, long list of people who dropped out of school or
university but nonetheless made brilliant contributions through their

I wonder whether someone's programmed you to think of yourself as 'not
smart.' Did you have a teacher who put you down? Do you come from a
family where there are lots of academically successful people and have
- consciously or unconsciously - made you think less of yourself
because you don't have their particular set of skills? Is there
something specific - for example, are you dyslexic and maybe it wasn't
spotted early enough? or did you have hearing problems that weren't
picked up in time? These can set you back ... they can be conquered,
but if they've left you with a picture of yourself as a low achiever
then this can be tough to overcome.

If you'd like to PM me with your personal e-mail address (which I
promise not to abuse) I'll send you a questionnaire - it's called a
Peak Performance Indicator - that will get you to look back over your
life and identify the circumstances where you feel you're really being
successful. That might help you arrive at some choices about the kind
of study you'd enjoy and do well. Because the fact that you asked the
question means that you've got the determination and the desire; have
pride in yourself because of that, and see whether working through the
PPI would help you direct it.

I wish you well.

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