Monday, July 30, 2007


Es importante tener un plan...

Cuando las suposiciones que se han hecho sobre un negocio son erróneas, si no se tiene un plan, no se llega a saber ni siquiera que son erróneas.

Al menos con el plan en la mano me ayuda a cambiar de curso...


Without a plan, when assumptions are wrong you don’t even know what they were, how were they wrong, in what direction, and what can you do about it. With a plan, you use plan versus actual all the time to manage the difference between what you thought and what actually happened.

That’s what I love most about having a GPS unit in a car. When I screw up and take the wrong turn, the GPS still remembers where I wanted to go and tells me how to change my course. That’s what good managers do with a sound planning process.

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