Thursday, December 08, 2005

ups.... esto costó encontrarlo, pero al final funcionó....

If you are having problems with the MPT Initializing... your
phone, I have figured out how to do it. I have Windows

Before you start any of this, make sure that your
phone is not plugged into the USB connection. Make it
seem as if the phone and the computer were never

1. Go to Control Panel-->System-->Hardware-->Device
2. Expand "Modems" and make sure that there are not
any unusual modems under the expanded category. In
other words, only ONE should be installed and it
should be the modem that is in your computer, nothing
3. Download and Install MPT v3.11. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO
INSTALL YOUR PHONE. When it asks to detect your phone,
click cancel.
4. The default phone picture will come up. Now, go to
Menu-->Setup-->Live Update. Follow the prompts to
detect, download and install MPT v3.25b.
5. Do not launch MPT. Make sure the program is closed.

6. NOW, plug your phone into your computer via the
mini-USB cable. Your computer should detect "New
Hardware." Your computer will prompt you to install
the software. It will ask you if you want the computer
to search for you (Recommended) or it will ask you if
you want to manually select the software from a list
(Advanced). Make sure you go to the option that allows
you to select from a list.
7. It will ask you to search your computer hard drive.
You need to direct it to the driver that comes in the
MPT v3.25b you just installed. Click BROWSE. The
folder you are looking for is titled
"W2K_XP_USB_Drivers". It will most likely be in
"C:\Program Files\mobile PhoneTools\Inf" You will need
to direct your computer to the location that you put
the mobile PhoneTools folder in. When you download the
file you will need to remember where you told WinRAR
to open the file at and direct the computer to the
'Inf' folder. To make it easy, put the downloaded
folder in your 'Program Files' folder..
8. Once you have directed the computer to search for
the driver in "W2K_XP_USB_Drivers", click on INSTALL
or NEXT to continue with the "search and installation"
of the phone. It should say "Motorola USB Modem" as it
is installing.
9. Allow the entire process to complete. Once it is
done and you have clicked FINISH, unplug your phone
from the USB cable and power it OFF.
10. Turn your phone back on and allow it to cycle to
the main screen.
11. Plug your USB cable back into your phone and make
sure it is connected to the computer. Your phone
should start charging.
12. This is confirmation USB drivers were installed.
13. Use always the same USB port.
14. NOW, start MPT and choose USB method for finding
the phone when prompted. The program should
detect your phone in you should be up and

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